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Lotto 50 - Asta Live e per corrispondenza 522

Base d'asta:
2.250,00 EUR

GRUPPO DI 5 ANTICHI PENDENTI A FORMA DI SIGILLI INGLESI IN ORO CON PIETRE DURE. GROUP OF 5 GOLD AND OVERLAID GOLD FOB-SEALS: One oval, the tapering openwork mount of scrolling flutes and breading, hinged at the ring and opening into four further small seals, each with carnelian matrix, the central seal carved with Muzio Scevola, his hands in a brazier, the smaller seals with a lion, eagle's head, bull and flaming torch; another with fluted openwork back, the carnelian matrix with a male head and inscribed "Roscoe", both circa 1790; another, the handle formed as a dolphin on wawed mount, the onix matrix with initials, CIRCA 1810, a rectangular seal with fox-mask in the bracket, heavily chased and engraved with scrolling foliage, the carnelian matrix with a coat-of-arms and another with similar form, with fluted back and split ring, the amethyst matrix with a coat-of-arms, both circa 1820. Provenienza: 1995 Christies Oggi Collezione Privata


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